Blockchain and BI – fit for the future?

Anyone who hears the term "Blockchain" now thinks involuntarily of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies, with all the positive and negative associations. The most passionate supporters believe "... Blockchain is changing the economy and has disruptive potential for the entire society ...". But what is behind all of this?

It is clear, that the use of blockchain technologies always makes sense when processes lead out of the company. Virtual values/goods such as property rights or material values/goods such as containers are formed by a network of stakeholders. If the status of these assets changes, a blockchain infrastructure can make these changes transparent to all companies involved and significantly simplify the process. It does not matter whether such a scenario is realized as a private blockchain for a particular application case or as open blockchain, such as Bitcoin.

For all Business Intelligence applications that run in the company, such a procedure has a relevance that should not be underestimated, since the transmitted values are always up-to-date and most importantly, verified.

A good example for this would be the facility management, in which meter readings for the consumption of water, electricity, etc. are verified to be evaluated and billed accordingly. A wholesaler or producer with suppliers and customers using blockchain technology, has a competitive advantage because all status information is available almost in real time. If you think further and include the house bank, with real-time mapping of receivables and liabilities, liquidity, etc., the dream of every controller is about to come true.

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