Make your social media success measurable and visible

Nobody will deny that social media has long since arrived in the business environment. Although social media hasn’t been able to put itself in a positive light lately, the user base continues to grow.

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The states that are involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal are by no means inferior to others. Whether Europe or Asia - growth remains stable. By the first quarter of 2018, 390 million new social media users were added within one year. This means, usage is increasing faster than in Q4 2017.

The measurement of success in social media should be considered as essential as all the other business key figures. That’s why meaningful key figures (KPIs) are an important prerequisite for making the success of the company measurable and thus also plannable.

Certainly, there is a great temptation to simply using the common available sources and to adapt the diversity of the key figures listed there for one's own purposes. However, such a procedure usually leads to evaluations that don’t reflect the company goals completely or only inaccurately.

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Another uncertain factor is the monitoring tools available on the market, which usually only work with a social media channel and are mostly not able to display a real picture of all activities.

With our business intelligence applications you can analyse and compare as many sources as you wish. We also provide advice on the preparation of the available data material and create your individual evaluation solution.

In other words:
Our software + our know-how = Your success!