Create analyses, dashboards and reports in a straightforward and revolutionary way thanks to visual support. Without limits and with maximum flexibility.

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Studio is our intuitive software solution for data analysis and data visualization. After a short induction you can create your first data queries at user level with the support of visual aids such as Data Wizard or Visual Query Builder. When doing so you can access the best-known databases.

Do you have knowledge of Microsoft Excel and have you been basing your analyses on this application so far? In this case you just have to transfer your data into our internal Calculations module. You can process your file here and use it as a data source.

Development of dashboards is also straightforward. You can use tables, Pivot tables, over 30 different charts, maps and much more. The allocation of data fields is straightforward and comprehensible via Drag & Drop.

Performant reports can be made just as easily as with your usual text processing. You can write texts, format them and integrate your data at any point. This results in reports, financial analyses and revenue reports with a certain “wow” effect. Of course we also support our reports via 30 different visualizations.

Connect your data sources

With the Data Wizard you connect directly to your data sources regardless of whether your data are located in files, databases or online. A direct connection to your data warehouse is also immediately possible.

Our Visual Query Builder simplifies the creation of queries considerably. You receive suggestions for possible or existing table allocations automatically.

Depending on requirements, you may use live data sources, extract data or integrate data in the data repository. In this way you can also only make those data available to your users which they really are supposed to have access to.

Work with your data

The Dashboard Designer makes it possible for you to create interactive dashboards. The designer is extremely intuitive and easy to operate. Vivid visualizations can be implemented from your data via Drag & Drop. This puts you in the position to browse deeply into the data, to filter them and to identify trends.

Each dashboard element can contain additional data which are just waiting to be discovered. With the assistance of filters you can restrict data to certain sectors or categories. It is even possible to filter between different data sources and by using drill-downs you can navigate in historical data. Mathematical formulas and expressions provide virtually unlimited possibilities for preparing your data.

Specify your data source

The integrated Data Wizard makes it possible to be productive within minutes.

Drag and drop

By using Drag and drop you can create dashboard elements to visualize data.

Data filter and drill-down

Each dashboard element can contain additional information which can be discovered.

Self-service adaptation

Personalize your dashboards in any conceivable way – this is intuitive and straightforward.

Make it possible for your users to have their own insights

With support through interactive dashboards you make it possible for your users to collect their own findings in the simplest way possible. Dashboards and reports can be set up with different parameters. This allows the users to search through data in certain part sectors according to precise specifications.

7ANALYSE CALCULATIONS – Do not relinquish that which you are accustomed to too quickly

Our Calculations module provides a complete editor with Excel conformity. You can import the Excel and CSV files you have available into our data repository and work directly on your data in our Studio.

Working in a way inspired by Excel enables you to collect, modify, calculate and save data as usual. Therefore, you will find it very easy to copy data from Excel via the clipboard and to insert them in your calculations.

The possibilities of the integrated table calculation thus create a complete analysis workstation which corresponds to what you are used to but nevertheless adds a significant amount of value for you and your users.

Explore your data and create your analyses in just a few minutes.