Optimize the security and transparency of your IT through comprehensive 360° analytics.

 Regardless of manufacturer we offer predefined dashboards from helpdesk to management reporting, based on our innovative Buisness Intelligence solutions combined with years of system management experience.



Do you already use powerful software for your in-house system management? This allows you to be one of the companies that actively drives success in an advanced way. But how much time do you actually need to monitor the various IT systems and their efficiency in a specific way. Would a fast and most importantly simple bundling of all crucial corporate information in a clear management dashboard be an optimal medium for increasing the productivity and sustainability of applied techniques? With the 7ANALYSE IT360° Toolbox, we provide a portfolio of over 50 visual analyzes and answer the most important questions on the following topics



Helpdesk evaluation regarding issue categories, customers and processing time.

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License evaluation regarding manufacturer and a count on the used licenses.

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Analysis of inventory regarding patch groups, cost centers and helpdesk tickets.

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Analysis of the Active Directory Objects regarding date and type.

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Our strategy

With the 7ANALYSE IT360° Toolbox, we support CIOs, service desk leaders and process managers in IT control. Through predefined dashboards that are linked to your IT solutions, we deliver intuitive ad-hoc analysis.

  • 1. analySIS

    Especially for your system management solution, we provide the necessary know-how and experience to create pre-configured dashboards and analysis. We already provide a large number of predefined data connections, which can be used ad-hoc. Within the framework of a project, we offer you the opportunity to build up an Analytical Sotrage together. With the help of ETL processes, we consolidate your critical company data as well as external information to get a 360° view of your IT.

    We prepare the data for instantly available dashboards and reports and thus enable a direct productivity of our solution.

  • 2. dashboards AND reports

    On the basis of an Analytical Storage or on the basis of our data connectors, we supply you with directly usable dashboards and reports, in order to get an immediate view of your company. The package contans predefined dashboards with over 50 different visualizations, which we have built up based on our many years of experience in the IT system management area. We enable you to control your IT with the highest level of efficiency, security and transparency, identifying problems before they endanger your business. We provide analysis on a wide range if topics: Helpdesk analysis, OS Deployment/ Software Distribution, License Management, Active Directory, Patch Management, Inventory, Systems and Cost Centers.

    Of course, you have the ability to independently modify and customize analyzes, so self-service via drag & drop becomes reality.

  • 3. PUBLISH

    You have the possibility to present visual analyzes on every device. We offer visualizations in a browser, on tablets and on mobile devices. This enables you to have company-critical data available at any time and at any place. Furthermore, it is possible to embed and seamlessly integrate dashboards and analyzes into existing solutions in order to expand the offered analysis possibilities. We take care of you at every step and do not let you down when it comes to improving the performance of your IT through measurable and specific metrics, identifying trends in IT processes and reacting to them in a targeted manner, satisfying your IT service customers regarding measurable SLAs or strengthen your competitive position with high transparency.


What exactly do we do?

Data integraion


Data integraion

We integrate your data from ERP, CRM and other systems to gain a comprehensive view of your IT.

System management


System management

Almost any system management system, from SCCM, Matrix42, DeskCenter Management Suite and many more, we are able to connect with data from your other systems.

Actual state


Actual state

So we get an accurate IS state of your IT environment.




On the basis of the exact state, we are in a position to identify trends and derive measures.

Typical questions we can answer ad-hoc.

  • When do licenses expire and on which systems are the programs installed?
  • Which license violations were reported during which periods?
  • Which open tickets with which priority exist?
  • Were there any Active Directory conflicts and in which domain?
  • How many systems, with which hardware are in which department/cost center?
  • What mistakes were at patch installations on which systems?

Learn what is possible with the solutions of 7ANALYSE

No matter which department, 7ANALYSE helps you to combine your data and share insights.

More information

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