Ad hoc reporting for everyone in your company. Your company reporting starts here. Create beautiful reports with absolute ease. Turn any data source into interactive information, that can be accessed by any user you wished. 

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Our reporting module allows end-users to easily generate reports using a familiar Microsoft Word-inspired interface. Nevertheless it is possible to group and sort data and also to create master-detail reports.

All-in-one solution


We like to keep things simple, therefore the data source wizard as well as the query builder, the filter editor and the calculated fields, work the same way as in the dashboard designer.

WYSIWYG Reporting


The true definition of WYSISWYG Reporting.

Whether you are creating a report, modifying an existing report or previewing it prior to printing, the document appears exactly the same as it will look on paper. You and your users never have to deal with the innate complexities of a traditional report designer. No bands, no more endless switching between design and preview modes.

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  • Our worldwide sales sample                                              

  • Our sample about property sales

  • Our USA sales sample

  • Our  sample dashboard about the production and the import of energy of european countries

  • Our sample dashboard about website visits origin and browser

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